Monday, August 27, 2012

More breakfast bitching.

Sunday morning it was the weekly breakfast battle again, and we passed Snooze and Lucille's because of the huge crowds.
I didn't feel like a chain and my partner didn't feel like the Egg and I yet again, so we hit Cafe Bluebird.
I haven't been there in a while, so was not sure what to expect, but it is the same as it ever was.

There was one couple waiting and as we went up the stairs the hostess took them in, asking them if a booth was okay. I was excited, it was not busy and I wouldn't have to wait on an uncomfortable bench while people awkwardly stood with their ass in my face!
We waited nearly five minutes for someone to come out of the back of the restaurant to greet us. Then the hostess told us it would be 10 to 15 minutes for a table. I seriously gave her a "what the fuck?" face. There were three of us. There were NINE empty tables in the restaurant, and five of them were four-tops.

So we went to sit on the bench. Another couple came in right behind us and got the same line, and they assed their way past us to the lobby coffee station.

It was well under 15 minutes when she came to get us, which made the pretense even more annoying. Then the waitress was really flustered seeming for some place that had several waitresses to not that many patrons.
Once we were coffee'd we were happy.
The smoked salmon scramble was awesome, and the bread is house made or brought from somewhere local... fresh, thick wheat bread.
I had the crab cakes benedict.  (Yeah, yeah, it's seafood in Colorado, but all this shit is canned or something anyway.) The poached eggs were over-cooked by quite a bit, but I prefer it to runny whites so I wasn't too upset.
The ranch potatoes are good, the coffee is nice except when we got refills the server brought the flavored coffee instead of the dark roast we asked for.

I will go back. Way better than Village Inn, no actual wait for a table, and the slightly sloppy service is not a deal-breaker.

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