Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lazy swine.

Sometimes you can't muster the energy to go out of the house. Thanks to Americans being lazy as fuck (me included) we have a huge number of restaurants that will pay a high schooler with a (temporarily) clean driving record to shuttle 10,000 calories of grub to your house.

Incredibly, in this town there are several places that deliver BBQ.
We opted for Souza's.
We got a family meal of 1.5lbs of pork, a side of baked beans, a side of corn bread and our choice of sauces -- we picked the mustard/vinegar and the Zoe.

It takes a long fucking time to get to our house. As long as a pizza, which seems weird since pizza is made custom and cooked right then, and BBQ is just not that way.

We open it up and it is an enormous amount of food. The beans are in a quart sized tub, there are like 8 cornbread muffins, and of course a huge box of meat.

The meat is tender, actual pulled (not chopped) pork. There is variety of textures and even nice pieces of bark. It is a bit on the dry side, but better than too wet. (We ordered late-ish on a Friday, close to their closing time, so fair to say that we may have gotten the last of the day, that could account for it being a little dry.)  It comes without sauce and was a little under -seasoned by itself. But hey, that's what the sauce is for.

The beans have a very intense flavor with a lot of smoky bacon in sweet and tangy sauce.

The cornbread muffins are in individual cupcake liners and are a nice size, with not too crumbly texture and nicely browned on the top.

The mustard vinegar sauce is sour and hot, but the burn comes from dry mustard so it does not linger or overpower the rest of your meal. It was different and I liked it more than I expected.
The Zoe is a sweet and tangy red sauce, made with marmalade. It was too sweet with not enough long-simmered caramelized flavors that I look for in a BBQ sauce, but it was really good with some of the mustard sauce mixed in.

Overall everything was a little on the sweet side for me, but this is the real deal, not boiled, cooked fresh every day right out in the parking lot kind of BBQ you want to go back to and support.

I really love BBQ and would happily wait a long-ass time for Souza's next time I am in the middle of a Supernatural marathon and can't be bothered to put on pants.

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