Thursday, June 7, 2012

They're big...

at  Gib's.

I love Gib's. I think the bagels are delicious and the menu is good, and usually the music isn't too bad. Cute, young, hip people work there.

However, I wish people who paid more attention worked there. Twice in the last couple of weeks they have screwed up orders, which I grab on my way to work so don't notice until I am at the office.

I can kind of forgive forgetting the bacon on a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel but it was hard for my friend to forgive the strawberry instead of spinach artichoke cream cheese on her everything bagel.

Focus, young hipsters! You need to practice for art history classes next fall!

Seriously, try a Gib's bagel. You will probably love it. Their dark roast coffee pleases me as well.

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