Friday, June 1, 2012

They took the FUN out of fundido.

I haven't been in the building that houses Inca Mexican restaurant since it was a Denny's. My god, I am cool.

Anyway, we get in and the room where they seat us is full of screaming kids. Woo! But it is a family restaurant, so we cope. The menu is huge and overwhelming. Way too many choices and it completely violates my personal beliefs on menus. But everything looks great and I highly enjoyed reading it.

For starters we ordered Queso Fundido, the bean dip appetizer, and the large guacamole. Holy shit, the portions are large! Queso fundido... for you people who don't speak Spanish, this means "melted cheese", like fondue. Only this was NOT at all like fondue. this was a big plate of cheese, melted in to a puddle, oil weeping out of it. Buried underneath were a few hunks of chicken. Your choice of flour or corn tortilla to carve the rapidly cooling lava flow onto. Skip this thing at all costs.

 Bean dip -- refritos on a plate. They were tasty, and it was a HUGE plate. Comes with chips. The large guacamole was a good deal as well, a big bowl for like 7.00. All the free chips and salsa you want, too.

 Did I mention the portions are HUGE? Everyone had leftovers, except me because after the fiasco-dido I just had the Inca Margarita, which was delicious and strong.

 A few people ordered soup (menudo!)and they received a big old Jethro bowl of food, and not just a ton of broth -- it was chock-full of the real ingredients. The only option for take-home was quart containers. Overall, the food was okay... average to middlin' Mexican fare. But if you are a football player or sixteen homeless dudes, you can eat for fill here for about 12.00.

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  1. The menudo was AWESOME!!! It has chunky, well-cleaned tripe--someone knows what they are doing in the "back of the house"! I am a big hominy fan, so I guess I could have used a bit more, especially because of the good, basic brown broth. Not too hot:) I like a bit more cumino and onion in the broth, but they served it with lots of lemon and oregano on the side and that made up for it. Very respectable. Oh, and good service, and it isn't easy to serve such a large crowd (who trickles in--with separate tickets, no less). I would be happy to go there again!