Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sue who?

I have been to Suehiro about a million times.

When I was younger I used to eat a whole boat mostly to myself. I rarely eat anything but sushi there, but everything looks pretty good.

 This week we rolled in because we had a gift certificate from the jokers who are ruining remodeling our house, so hey - free food! We asked about the gift certificate at the hostess stand and after some shuffling around a guy with a beard in paint-covered sweatpants (i think he is the owner) came over with our envelope - opened - and pulled out our gift certificate. He said "I need to know what this is about, because we had some people leave recently." Very obviously on the front of the once-sealed envelope it had our names and "From The name of the company." I said "It is a gift. For us. From someone who wanted to give us a gift." He accepted that, shoved the card (Which read "Thanks for all your patience, from Dude at Company Name") back in the envelope and went on his merry way without an apology or anything.

 Our waiter was new, but tried hard and was nice if a little awkward. But it is hard to not be awkward when you are a 6'4" bodybuilder, which is what he was. I got Combo A and also some roe with quail egg, my wife got the Chicken Katsu. We also got the green lipped mussels as a starter, and a 007 roll.

 007 roll: messy, not cut well, too warm. Ponzu sauce was good, but a little chunky looking, until the waiter spilled it all over my wife when clearing the table.
Mussels: Delicious in their dynamite cream cheese sauce as usual.

 The rest of the sushi was a little off. Too warm or badly cut, and I am no expert. It was not "bad" or spoiled, it was just not the top quality I am used to. It was a Tuesday night, and they were about to close, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Suehiro is not my favorite sushi place in town, but I do like it and I hope next time I can skip the harassment, low quality, and clumsy waiter.
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  1. Oh, Cruella--it wasn't so bad . . . chicken katsu was delish! And the spouse shared the sushi, which was lovely:). But the waiter, Joe, was so dang fine, every gal in town should INSIST that their husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends take them! Really, why wasn't he on the list to father my 12 children? Yes, he was still "in training" but very charming, and attentive overall. And again, I enjoyed the food.

    I suggest that "the ladies" call ahead and make sure that Joe is working, and you are seated in his section:) Come early, is probably good advice. Dinner AND a show. Yummmmm . . .