Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Out of menudo!? Oh the humanity!

I love Las Salsita's but I don't go there nearly often enough.
I stopped on a whim, it was dead inside but the teenager working there was really awesome and not even a bit surly or put out by me ordering.

Sadly they were all out of menudo, so I got pozole. I also got a torta and a couple of tacos. The nice young lady made all my food fresh, all by herself, and I had to wait maybe 15 minutes? She rocked. The posole came with all the usual toppings, the carnitas tacos were out of this world. Fresh tortillas make all the difference.

Tortas are a pretty recent discovery for me, but I love them and they do it really well at Salsitas.

Give these people your business. It is a nice place, centrally located. Wean off the Taco Bell teat. Also off the gross overpriced crap at the bigger Mexican places in town. Support some real food. And tip this girl, because she is way nicer than 90% of all humans that have served me food in the last year.

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