Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kick me in the brisket.

A lot of people are really picky about food, I notice. I am not, which you would know if you saw how fat I am. They are especially picky about regional foods and whether they are done "right."

I love barbeque, like really really love it. I might be able to eat it every day.

We decided to try Nordy's. There are some BBQ places in town I love and some I hate and some that are sufficient but I am always looking out for the BEST EVER OMG.

(Which I have been told is Arthur Bryant's...)

#1 WTF is up with the revolving door? I don't get it, it seems like a lot of space used on that door. It is pretty fast so push gently lest you bang the heels of the person in the section in front of you. Yes they also have a regular door, per ADA standards.

#2 The place looks nice, but it is really hard to slide into the booth (even for someone who is not fat) because of the faux suede seats. Beautiful, but a super pain in the ass for those of us making trips to the buffet.

They have four sauces at the table, Texas, KC, Carolina, and Jalapeno. They have a plate there and the server does this cute thing for tasting the sauces. I won't spoil it for you.

They have a big menu with all the expected BBQ things. Honestly I was starving so I didn't look much after our server said "buffet." I hate buffets, but for BBQ.... well I am a greedy pig.

They kept the meat on the buffet lightly stocked so it wasn't all dried out. There were rib tips and chicken, and the carving dude was there with the brisket to cut it fresh. That was awesome. The rib tips were fine, a little dry. The chicken was not dry, and was well cooked. The brisket was great, nice and tender and very fresh.

They have something called Pasta Slaw, and supposedly I would never eat regular slaw again after trying it. Not quite. It was regular slaw with salad pasta (those little short tubes.) The slaw was okay, but too sweet for my personal taste. It tasted fresh, though.

Chunky apples/auce, baked beans, potato salad, green beans, fried okra -- I ate it all.

The baked beans were really good, tangy and spicy. Potato salad was average, again too sweet for me, nothing special. Green beans, even though I think they were from a can, were tasty -- spiced up with onion and pepper and some meat of some sort. The fried okra was what you would expect, cornmeal breading and decent sized portion for the side.

I missed having some corn bread or some bread other than the cheapass hamburger buns available on the buffet. I guess you have to order a meal to get those, or get some on the side.
I thought the price was reasonable for what was offered. Our buffet was 12.99, the Carolina pork dinner was a huge pile of meat with the two sides and cornbread for 11.99.

Oh, you want to know about the sauces?

Texas: Tasted heavily of tomato, sweet and spicy, good but the tomato was too much for me. This is what you would put on some meat and then throw it back on the grill to char up a bit.

Carolina: I haven't had Carolina before, but I really liked it. Much more vinegary but still sweet, and with the mustard spice. Ugly as sin, though.

Kansas City: The king of the day for me. Tomato flavor was more subtle, nice and molasses sweet and spicy. I would just drink a bottle of this shit.

Jalapeno: Some spice, not too sweet, but really not a lot to hold up the spiciness. Also not really that spicy. kind of blah.

I don't think this is the BEST BBQ EVER, but I thought it did a good job. I am also not going to claim it is any kind of "authentic" because I really don't know.

It tasted fucking good and I ate it. If there is a secret super awesome BBQ nearby that you want to tell me about, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

UPDATE 7/2013: Nordy's Old Town location is closed. They lied to the newspaper saying they had "found jobs for all their employees."  The also said that Jesus told them to close, the parking situation was really bad in Old Town, oh and OBAMACARE was going to break them.

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