Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Old and Tired

Chicago used to hold a great deal of romance. We imagined the excitement of mob bosses, great fires, world fairs and expos, legendary winds and epic pizzas.

Old Chicago used to hold the interest of people as well. All the beers, calzone, and novelty "Italian nachos" really made us excited for some reason.

Well the novelty has worn off.

I was there twice in the last month or so. I do like the beer selection, but the wait staff do not seem very knowledgeable about the beers.

The first visit at the South location was okay, the service was fine but not super and the food was okay, once the right toppings were on the salad.

The problem was the numerous children screaming and crying and leaping around and leaning over the booth into my face. Seriously, fuck this place, the kids were out of order, and not just one -- two different tables had screaming and wailing children, and two different parties were seated next to us with two or more little kids that insisted upon leaning and jumping around on the booth seat the tables shared.

The second time the food took SO LONG. I mean really, it took a long ass time, more than 30 minutes after we ordered. The waitress was new and seemed to have a hard time getting things like sides of ranch.

And what I noticed on both visits was the food was not particularly great. I had the spinach artichoke calzone. I twas fine, nice fresh basil, lots of artichoke, but so bland. Without the marinara, you really didn't want to eat the thing.

This place is just kind of a drag all around, and I really don't get the attraction.
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